Never Change: Six reasons to keep handling calls the same way (and even better reasons to change now)


    If you’re relying on a traditional IVR or auto attendant solution to handle your hospital’s calls, there’s something you need to know. Right now callers are stuck in the netherworld of menu options, not getting the help they want, need, and deserve. Right now, a caller is having trouble finding a relative who is a patient at your hospital, or a specialist they need to see. Right now, customer satisfaction is dropping, one frustrating call at a time. When is the right time to upgrade your call handling and solve this often hidden problem? Right now, of course!

    In this article you will learn:    
    • The reasons why hospitals delay upgrading their outdated auto attendant or IVR
    • Why the delay to upgrade negatively affects the caller experience
    • How Parlance's Operator Assistant can deliver an exceptional caller experience





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